Letters to Our Children: May

Wow, yet another month has flown by and here we are in May for another installment of the Letters to Our Children blog circle!

Dear Noah,

I decided it was time to write you a letter this month as I had written one to Jonah in March! Noah, words cannot express how much of an amazingly kind and sensitive child you are. As the days pass, I am in awe of how you are growing up and becoming such a caring, thoughtful person.  You are so kind to everyone, even when your brother is endlessly beating up on you, and so conscious of when others are feeling sad or hurt.  As you finish up your final days of kindergarten and get ready to embark on your first grade journey, I worry your ability to handle a less than hospitable world, a fear I am sure every parent faces. I know that it is inevitable that other children will unkind to you, say nasty things, and strike out—I can only hope that you will find the strength to stand up for what is right without losing confidence or belief in yourself or convictions.

In addition to being such a caring person, you also possess the ability to effortlessly bring a smile to people’s faces through your laughter. You have the most infectious laughter I have ever heard—it draws people in, bringing huge smiles to their faces as they hear the pearls of laughter erupt from you while watching a goofy cartoon or your brother perform some crazy antic. Your innocent laughter has remained a constant and I dread the day when those silly little boy giggles will be heard less and less as you grow up. But for the moment, I am choosing to focus on the now and the time we are spending together.

We have had such fun over the past month embracing the warmer weather (finally!), and I have so many wonderful photographs that seem to capture your personality at this age. I look forward to a fun-filled summer full of lots of laughter and many exciting adventures!

As always, I hope that you will continue on and read the next amazing letter by Karin T O’Brien in our “Letters to Our Children” blog circle!

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